Compliance without Compromise

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Video Guard Services




• Absolutely no false alarms!


• Team is dispatched immediately following a video verification of an intruder


• Video verification allows dispatch team to identify

the source of alarm

without question




• The cost of lost is extraordinary and often

items are irreplaceable


• Don't waste money on

costly false alarm fines.


• Save your time and energy

by not having to

respond to false alarms


Ambush Protection


• Unique ambush protocol


• Video confirmation of all sensor triggered events



Profesionally Monitored


• Monitored by the only

Five Diamond and UL Listed monitoring station


• Monitoring operators are professional and passionate about protecting our customers


• Professionally trained operators are certified by

the CSAA Central Station Operator Level I Course


About Us


Cannatouchdis (CTD) is a

privately owned company of

security professionals.

CTD promises to provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and unconquerable security protection. Your security needs will be met

with complete privacy. We value the importance of discretion.

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