Compliance without Compromise

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Retail Security

Complete Alarm and Camera Coverage


• Alarms and cameras work in

conjunction to provide

the ultimate security experience


• Storage of secure data on premises

and off-site in the cloud


P.O.S. System


• Integrated security and P.O.S. software

for total control of your business


• Simultaneous protection of assets


• Continuous log of all employee actions



Access Control


• See who is entering and exiting

your business at all times


• Mobile alerts allow for arming

and disarming notifications

straight to your smart phone,

computer or tablet


• Restrict access to certain areas

and only allow access during

certain times of the day



About Us


Cannatouchdis (CTD) is a

privately owned company of

security professionals.

CTD promises to provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and unconquerable security protection. Your security needs will be met

with complete privacy. We value the importance of discretion.

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