Compliance without Compromise

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P.O.S. Systems

Video Integration


• Video Integration with our

state-of-the-art P.O.S. system

allows you to view all cash

register activity via video


• On-site and off-site

cloud-based storage of data


• Virtually eliminates employee

theft and "sweet-hearting"

(allowing discounts for friends

and family by dishonest employees)



Seed to Sale Software


• Protection of goods

from seed to sale


• One stop shop for all security needs


• Integrated software allows you

to have total control of

all aspects of your business.



About Us


Cannatouchdis (CTD) is a

privately owned company of

security professionals.

CTD promises to provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and unconquerable security protection. Your security needs will be met

with complete privacy. We value the importance of discretion.

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